usatxtNation recently announced the launch of its new Direct Carrier Billing solution in the United States.

The USA connectivity has huge opportunity for a vast range of business models. By using txtNation’s Direct carrier billing solution, you will open up new doors and territories for your business.

txtNation Account Manager, Ana Reed Davies explains some of the benefits of using the solution:

  • Easy compliance checks: Gaining entry to the US market via mobile payments can usually be very difficult. This is down to the vast range of carriers that your business needs to gain approval from. With our new DCB solution you are blanketed under txtNation’s stringent policies allowing you easy passage to the market.
  • Initial screenHigher out payments: Premium SMS can mean a more expensive way of selling your products, although this improves your conversion rate which cancels out the higher transaction costs. This being said higher out payments from the new DCB solution are always welcome and will help to maintain a higher revenue share for you.
  • Easy integration with our Single API means that if you are already connected in other markets, this will be streamlined and simple.
  • The pre-built format of the solution provides a clean and professional look; This will help to build consumer trust and may help to improve conversion rates.

For more information, see our Direct Carrier Billing solution page or contact us to find out how it can help your business.

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